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To develop innovative programs and events that engage volunteers and communities to meet the needs of the poor and needy, bringing hope and changing lives.
Help us to meet the needs of the poor and needy, bringing hope and changing lives.
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Thank you HOPE worldwide Canada:

For all the things that is provided through the fund that you have sent. We are really very grateful, the students are also very happy to sit in a proper maintained class. All the tables have been utilized for the computer classes, and chairs have been set in both Computer and Spoken English Classes. There are 30 students using them every day, and new students are being added to the list. New batches will start soon, so around 200 more students will be taking the benefits of your generosity! (more…)

Thank you from HOPE Foundation India

Sangam Vihar, HOPE Foundation India

A big thank you to all that took the time to present for our life skills classes.  Some groups were smaller than others, however the presenters all did an excellent job providing relevant and useful information to those that took the time to listen.  To all those that take the time to volunteer their time to share their knowledge in areas they are either passionate about or very knowledgeable in, or both we truly appreciated your efforts.  (more…)

Life Skills Classes for Siloam Mission Exit Up Program

Kevin Koroscil, Exit Up Coordinator, Siloam Mission

This year my favourite Christmas memories will be of December 24th, at The Madison where I work as the Resident Relations Coordinator.

The volunteers from HOPE  came to interview our residents who wanted to share a bit about themselves, and at the same time, tell them what they want for Christmas.  Their stories were posted online for community members to and view and pledge to purchase that item for that person.

I never realized how much more special it is to receive a gift that is something you have been wishing for, not something generic, that someone else picked for you.


Thank you from the Madison – Siloam Mission

Heather Karlenzig, Resident Relations Coordinator at The Madison