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HOPE worldwide of Canada volunteers and supporters came out in large numbers to participate at the annual Ukrainian Festival in Toronto for the children of Ukraine.

Through the Helping Hand for Ukraine project, Canadians are able to provide financial support to children and parents traumatized by the war in eastern Ukraine. The program is run by HOPE worldwide Ukraine and is now entering Phase III to offer psychological assistance, training for social workers and other humanitarian aid.

HOPE worldwide of Canada volunteers march at the Ukrainian Festival for the children of Ukraine
HOPE worldwide of Canada march at the Ukrainian Festival for the children of Ukraine

This year at the festival the Ukrainian Credit Union also made a generous donation of $5000 to the Helping Hand of Ukraine project.

The funds will be used for the following purposes:

  • 50 children and their parents will receive psychological assistance
  • 1 temporary camp for internally displaced camps in Odessa will be equipped with “Children’s Safe Space for Play”
  • 50 children will be provided with psychological kits
  • 20 state social workers will be trained and provided with support and supervision to work with children of war, displaced families and orphans
  • Over 2,000 people, children and their parents, will get psychological assistance through the work of 20 social workers who will use the techniques in their daily work.
  • Ukraine kidsIf you wish to obtain more information about The Helping Hand for Ukraine project click here or contact Taras Kulish at Taras.Kulish@hopewwcanada.org.

Please consider making a donation to help the children in Eastern Ukraine. They desperately need your help. To make a donation, please click below and select “Helping Hand for Children Traumatized by War In Eastern Ukraine” from the dropdown menu.

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