HOPE worldwide Canada

Thank you from HOPE Foundation India

Thank you HOPE worldwide Canada:

For all the things that is provided through the fund that you have sent. We are really very grateful, the students are also very happy to sit in a proper maintained class. All the tables have been utilized for the computer classes, and chairs have been set in both Computer and Spoken English Classes. There are 30 students using them every day, and new students are being added to the list. New batches will start soon, so around 200 more students will be taking the benefits of your generosity!

All the teachers and students at the Hope Foundation School would like to express our deepest gratitude to HWW Canada. Your donation has been invested into our pre nursery class which contains 30 students aged 3 years old. Your generous funding has enabled us to purchase uniform for 80 students, buy 40 pairs of shoes and buy Hindi, English and Maths books for the entire pre nursery class. Not only have the essential school equipment been supplied for, but the teacher’s salary for a year will ensure the students get a high standard of education and at their young age be nurtured and develop manners and good behavioural skills. These little ones may not understand the value of this aid now because of their innocence but we are hopeful that they will reap great benefit from it. Once again, your help to provide school equipment and the teacher’s salary is an invaluable gift and Tigri Hope School cannot thank you enough.

Sangham Vihar
Vocational Training Centre
HOPE Foundation India