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Philippines Disaster Response

Typhoons and Earthquakes are unfortunately some of the natural disasters that often befall the Philippines. HOPE worldwide Canada volunteers and donors are always at the ready, eager to send support whenever the Philippine people are in need.

As such, we’ve developed a Philippines Disaster Relief fund in order to provide support when it is needed. Please consider making a donation in preparation for the needs that may arise. All donations $20 and above to HOPE worldwide Canada are issued tax receipts .

For more information regarding Philippines programs that HOPE worldwide Canada supports, please contact john.abet@hopewwcanada.org.

Busy Month of June for Winnipeg

June was a busy month for Winnipeg HOPE volunteers!

We started off the month on June 9 by helping with the Centennial Neighbourhood clean-up, the hearts of the volunteers wanting to not just improve the neighbourhood visually, but also to help make it feel more like a community.  Twenty-two volunteers, including many kids, worked with dedicated people in the neighbourhood to clean the garbage strewn about, and to ensure areas where children play was safer – by cleaning up used needles.

Robert Borgersen and his son take a break during the clean-up activities

The same weekend marked the 6th year our Winnipeg Chapter participated in the Manitoba Filipino Street Festival. Our enthusiastic volunteers spent their weekend sharing about work being done locally and abroad in the Centers of HOPE Philippines in order to garner support, donations and more volunteers! Festival goers enjoyed free ice candies made by one of our dedicated volunteers and some made financial donations which will go towards supporting the feeding program in the Center of Hope in Tacloban.

Volunteers at the Festival booth ready to speak with Festival attendees about
HOPE worldwide Canada and HOPE worldwide Philippines

June 23 marked our annual National Day of Service where over forty volunteers lent their time, energy, and creativity for the second annual Autism Community Family Picnic. Heavy rain was in the forecast but as the picnic began all the clouds rolled way and families with children on the autism spectrum enjoyed the day put on by HOPE worldwide Canada. Over 70 people were in attendance in addition to the volunteers running the show and enjoyed the opportunity to beat the unexpected heat with water balloons. HOPE volunteers along with RBC volunteers partnered with the OHEYS Autism Program who were gractious enough to provide all of the sensory friendly equipment used. Participants enjoyed a superhero themed photo booth, a pirate station, balloon pit for younger children, a large colourful parachute and oversized beach ball – we even had an appearance by Wonder Woman! The children with their families are definitely the real super heroes though, and it was an honour to be able to bring smiles to their faces.

A special thank you to RBC for providing a $1000 grant as part of their Benevity Community Impact Fund.

Volunteers and kids alike having fun with the picnic activities

Eating Breakfast for a great cause!

On the crisp and early morning of Saturday April 10th our Winnipeg Chapter hosted a Breakfast Fundraiser in support of the Centers of HOPE in the Philippines. By 8:02 am, the parking lot was full and everything was in full swing.  130 generous people came out for breakfast to support the children feeding program at the Philippines Centers of Hope.  Over 30 volunteers were busy taking and selling tickets, serving food, waiting on and bussing tables.  Our energetic and awesome host Mike P who would sing and tell stories and kept everyone awake and energized.  Guests could also purchase a “plate” for $25, which would feed a child in the Philippines for one month.  Malou Parico, a dedicated HOPE volunteer, made it her mission to sell plates table to table and raised $625 on her own! At the end of 3 hours, we ran out of delicious food and raised over $2000!  The organizers worked incredibly hard to make this breakfast a resounding success!

The Filipino community is a valued part of Winnipeg culture and our Winnipeg chapter has formed strong ties with them throughout the years.  HOPE has volunteered at the annual Manitoba Filipino Street Festival for the last five years and last fall raised $1400 by having 40 hard working volunteer clean up the Festival garbage.

We are grateful for all the hard working volunteers and the generous people of Winnipeg who are always so willing to support communities in need.

Philippines Trip 2016


This past May 2016 our Country Director, Brian Felushko, travelled to the Philippines along with some other dedicated HOPE worldwide Canada volunteers to see the results of our fundraising efforts after Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013.  As they travelled to the various sites it became quite apparent the magnitude of the work being done in the Philippines and the importance of sharing with HOPE worldwide Canada volunteers, donors and supporters the impact their donations have made.

Below please find videos of the trip and the different locations Brian Felushko and the team saw during their 2 week visit.

Record Making Year for Winnipeg Volunteers


2016 is going to be a record making year for our Winnipeg chapter as so many volunteers have chosen to serve in HOPE programs across the globe.  7 HOPE volunteers, all from our main partner the Winnipeg Church of Christ, are sacrificing time and money to travel far to meet needs.  When asked why so many in the church were volunteering this year, David Jung, minister of the Winnipeg Church of Christ, responded “I believe as we grow in our relationship with God we also grow in our gratitude.  One way to express that gratitude is to continue to give of yourself to serve those who need it most.  Participants in the HYC program are growing in their faith and living it out more fully through their sacrifice and service.”

Ranging in age and season of life, all the volunteers are excited for the journey they’ll be taking…and that journey will be leading them far and wide. Here are some highlights on each of our committed Winnipeg volunteers.

Gabriel_200Gabriel Jung, our youngest volunteer at age 16, will be travelling to Chicago to join the HOPE Youth Corps (HYC) in a variety of service projects across the city. He’ll be building homes for low income families,  volunteering with homeless shelters, working in a community garden, as well as mentoring at-risk youth from the inner city. When reviewing the HYC options this year and looking at the needs in Chicago, Gabriel stated “I never thought Chicago had these sort of issues, so I was taken back by that, and wanted to go there to address those issues that most people don’t know about.”


sharisse_200This December will be Sharisse Lontajo‘s second time volunteering with HYC after serving 2 years ago in Philadelphia with handicapped children. This time around Sharisse will be travelling to Thailand to spend her Christmas at the Baan Nontapum Home for Disabled Children. On explaining her reasoning for travelling to Thailand: “Firstly I am passionate about children and second, my heart goes out to the disabled community.  As a younger sister to a wonderful brother who is diagnosed with Down syndrome, I feel I could learn ways to accommodate my brother even more, but as well use the skills I have developed by helping my brother throughout the years to serve this special group to my best advantage.  It would be an honour to serve in any way I can so that this group can feel extremely loved and cared for in the short amount of time that we are with them.”


When John and Sherry Abet combed through the HYC site for volunteer opportunities abroad but were unable to find one that fit with their work schedules, they reached out to HOPE worldwide Philippines through the Winnipeg Chapter office to see if an opportunity to serve might present itself. And did it ever!

John and Sherry are in the Philippines this May for 15 days volunteering at three Centers of HOPE, as well as in an orphanage, community homes and participating in a therapy camp for abused children. When explaining why they chose to reach out to HOPE worldwide Philippines, they explained, “because of our connections with the Filipino community here in Winnipeg, and their strong support during the last few years in the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan.  The Filipino people have a strong family presence and work ethic which has inspired us to learn from this culture firsthand.” While volunteering, they also plan on capturing their trip on video in order to inspire further volunteers from HOPE worldwide of Canada.


It’s a family affair for Kevin, Krista and Caitlyn Wiebe as they depart for Bangkok this December to serve at the Baan Nontapum Home for Disabled Children with HOPE Family Corps.  This trip has been years in the making as the Wiebes have been praying and thinking about travelling abroad together to serve for a long time. All three have hearts for both children and the disabled, and those they will be serving are primarily homeless, abandoned or orphaned children between the ages of 7 to 18 years old.

Kevin explains their choice to serve in Bangkok: “I can understand how difficult it can be for children with a disability to manage in the world and this is only increased tenfold when we look at the situation in countries like Thailand. I have worked with children in a volunteer capacity at times and know how great an impact we can have on their lives. After viewing the facility on their website and reading stories about the people they help and the centers mission to care for them I have been deeply moved and drawn to their cause”

Our Winnipeg Chapter and the Winnipeg Church of Christ are excited for all the experiences these committed volunteers will have and are eager to hear the stories they will bring back to inspire others to do the same. We wish them all Bon Voyage!


Celebrating Our 2015 Volunteer of the Year


For HOPE worldwide of Canada, it is our volunteers who make all the difference in the world. We are able to have a low administration fee because we do not hire staff but rely on the compassion and dedication of our volunteers to offer up programs that have a lasting impact in our community and abroad.  If our volunteers weren’t as engaged and willing, HOPE worldwide of Canada would not be where it is today and where it is moving towards.

Aida Champagne is our 2015 Volunteer of the Year

Last year our Winnipeg chapter provided Aida Champagne with our first Volunteer of the Year award. Aida played a crucial role in spearheading and supporting the Winnipeg fundraising efforts for the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 and 2014. When Typhoon Haiyan hit in November 2013, the response of the Filipino community was overwhelming. HOPE worldwide of Canada was able to send over $80,000 to support survivors of the Typhoon, with over half of that amount coming from Winnipeg.

Aida became the spokesperson for the Oplan HOPE team* and HOPE worldwide of Canada’s biggest advocate after the typhoon. Aida, along with the Oplan HOPE team, worked hard, talked to countless people, organized fantastic fundraisers, and for a time seemed to put her life on hold as she crusaded to fundraise to get funds to those in need.

Aida accepting her award with special guest speaker Koko Enrile and Wpg Chapter Director Kimberlee Potter

Aida with representatives from the OPLAN HOPE team.

The efforts of our 2015 Volunteer of the Year, Aida Champagne, led to the creation of the protection and psycho-social program for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan through HOPE worldwide Philippines… children and families left vulnerable from the storm. In this Volunteer Appreciation week, we aim to recognize the efforts of one of our many fantastic volunteers.


* The OPLAN Hope Team consists of members from the following organizations:

  • Manitoba Filipino Street Festival
  • Filipino Seniors Group
  • Pangasinan Group
  • Tribo Sigbo.


HOPE After Haiyan


Immediately after Typhoon Haiyan struck, HOPE worldwide Philippines was on the ground mobilizing food, water and necessary life-saving relief items.  Winnipeg’s Filipino community also hit the ground running, providing donations and arranging fundraisers to help their homeland.  Donors across Canada and especially in Winnipeg chose HOPE worldwide of Canada to get the much needed support back to the Philippines.

On April 10th our Winnipeg chapter along with the Winnipeg Church of Christ Inc. is hosting a fundraiser – an evening of inspiration – where we will hear stories of what happened after the storm from guest speaker Koko Enrile.


Francisco ‘Koko’ Enrile II has been involved with HOPE worldwide Philippines since its humble beginning in 1993. In 2004, the United States Department of Agriculture chose HOPE worldwide Philippines to build one of the largest treatment facilities for child abuse and appointed Koko Enrile to be the country’s Director. Following his tenure as Director, Koko went on to serve HOPE worldwide Philippines as Chairman of the Board from 2006 to 2009. These days Koko, along with his family, continues to actively volunteer, serve and travel the globe to inspire and call others to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Join us on April 10th to hear from Koko the impact our donations had on the lives of those affected  by the Typhoon,  how HOPE worldwide Philippines is still working with the community and his call to all of us to continue to make a difference not only abroad but also at home in Canada.

Tickets are $10 and proceeds from the event will go towards the repair of schools damaged by Typhoon Haiyan in Tolosa,Leyte.

Contact Emmanuel Trawon (204) 298-4664 0r Michael Pajemolin for tickets or more information.

Philippines Update: Needed Psychosocial Training Provided in Tacloban

This week HOPE worldwide Philippines provided psychosocial support training for 90 camp managers and daycare workers located in Tacloban. Those in attendance mentioned their gratitude for HOPE worldwide and the sensitivity our organization has for the needs of the care providers on Tacloban’s front lines.

All of those attending the training had been on duty in different evacuation centres and communities away from their own families when Typhoon Haiyan made landfall last November 2013. They witnessed the drowning of many evacuees in the Astrodome and nearby communities as storm surges hit where they were located. Some of those receiving training this week are actually still homeless themselves as they cannot rebuild their own houses. It is amazing that despite their own difficulties they still choose to serve the people of the city that still needs so much relief from the disaster.

HOPE worldwide of Canada is proud to be able to support this program and to hear of the impact the donations of Canadians are making on those in need in Tacloban, so many months after Typhoon Haiyan hit.


Philippines:Typhoon Haiyan Protection and Psychological Program Update

Donations to HOPE worldwide of Canada for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) resulted in the creation of a protection and psycho-social program for children displaced as a result of the typhoon. Last weekend in Leyte almost 200 children were taught safety rules to help them guard against sexual abuse. These photos are of the puppet show put on for the children. HOPE worldwide Philippines utilizes the puppet shows to effectively teach the children through humor.

Update on Philippines Disaster Relief

As of January 7th, over 6.000 people have died as a result of Typhoon Haiyan with almost 2,000 people still missing. Yet the latest disaster has touched the lives of so many more…over 4 million people are displaced and 16 million have been affected. Currently there are 101,000 people staying in 381 evacuation centers.

Making a Difference

We previously reported on how HOPE worldwide Philippines immediately set about mobilizing aid once the typhoon struck. HOPE worldwide of Canada also got involved from the beginning with volunteers raising funds in every chapter to support HOPE worldwide Philippines in their efforts. As of December 31st, 2013 emergency and life saving supplies were distributed to 28,545 survivors. Donations received in Canada provided meals, vitamins and paid for the proper storage of emergency supplies.

HOPE worldwide Philippines has made it their goal to assist displaced children and families to access emergency relief; livelihood; shelter; protection and advocacy against exploitation, abuse and trafficking; and psychosocial recovery from the affects of the disaster. In order to attain this goal, they have decided to focus on 6 locations to focus their efforts, with Cebu being the hub.














Most Vulnerable Groups

As the main focus in the initial relief efforts was shelter, food, water, and health for the general population, the elderly and children remained exposed to the various issues that were not immediately addressed. These age groups require special attention and care as their needs and protection are often neglected. In the Philippines where trafficking and abuse were issues prior to the typhoon, there is a concern that they these vulnerable groups might face an even higher risk living in unprotected huts with limited services and supplies. Special needs children have also not been a priority. In general, 10% of the population has special needs, whether a physical disability or a learning limitation. These groups need to be supported as they suffer even  worse than a regular person in disaster.

Centers of HOPE for Children in Extremely Difficult Circumstances

In December of 2013, HOPE worldwide Philippines established 5 Centers of HOPE in Tacloban, Tolosa, Tanauan, Bohol and Iloilo. These centers serve 10,000 children through creative activities, emergency supplies, essential nutrition, medical aid, advocacy and protection as well as specialized support to those with special needs. Donations given through HOPE worldwide of Canada are being used to support these children in especially difficult circumstances to re-establish their lives by providing the tools they need to begin school again. School will provide protection from harm in vulnerable situations and give them a sense of normalcy. Canadian donations are also funding the case management for orphans and vulnerable children in these centers.




Contributing to the Work

Anyone wishing to make a donation to support HOPE worldwide Philippines in their goals of assisting over 10,000 children can do so by contacting Kimberlee Potter, Winnipeg Chapter Director (204) 269-5893, kimberlee.potter@hopewwcanada.org.