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Winnipeg Volunteers Serving from a Distance

How can we continue to serve during a time when loving our neighbours means staying home and keeping a physical distance? Volunteers in Winnipeg have found several ways and are busy serving the community while keeping safe!

Hampers for a Community In Need

Our volunteers recently donated supplies for 15 hampers for First Nations families from Winnipeg’s North End community. The families affected currently reside in transitional housing specifically for First Nations patients who require ongoing lifesaving treatment for renal failure, cancer, and other chronic health issues. Many families are unable to work as they are displaced from their homes or are without work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Winnipeg Chapter is partnering with a local middle school, Leila North Community School, whose teachers have been supporting the program for many years. Collection of items will be ongoing over the next several months!

Just some of the many supplies collected to form 15 hampers for in need families during the pandemic.

Foster Care Support

HOPE worldwide Canada is also working with our main partner, the Winnipeg Church of Christ Inc., to meet needs of youth and families being supported by Winnipeg Child & Family Services Agencies. Needs are found through the Care Portal, a tool that connects churches to youth and families in need. Since the pandemic began, the Campus Ministry volunteers have been able to meet the needs of 2 families, including helping a University student move off of campus as the University he attended was requesting all students leave residence.  

Looking Out for Needs

As the pandemic situation continues, we hope that more needs can be met using creativity and the many tools available in Manitoba to match volunteers with people in the community. We are asking all volunteers to examine the online tool options available to them for serving:

  • Nextdoor App – connect with people in your neighbourhood
  • helpnextdoormb.ca — the Manitoba government website that lists needs in the community that volunteers can offer to meet.
  • https://buylocal.ly/ – support local businesses that are still operating

So whether our volunteers in Winnipeg choose 1 or more of the options we’ve listed to serve or find other ways to meet needs, we know they will do so with a heart to serve while also maintaining the physical distancing protocols of the Manitoba government.

If you have any more suggestion on how our volunteers can serve our neighbours in need or if you would like to get involved with our Winnipeg Chapter, please contact krista.wiebe@hopewwcanada.org.

Loaves & Fishes Campaign for COVID-19 Relief


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to our communities, country and congregations. We are aware of the impacts within our own nation here in Canada with loved ones lost, jobs lost and the new realities brought about by self-isolation.

Sadly, the impact of this pandemic on majority world countries has been even more devastating. With countries in complete lock-down, so very many people, along with their communities, are going to bed hungry and are starving.


HOPE worldwide Canada, in partnership with HOPE worldwide, is launching the Loaves & Fishes campaign for COVID-19 relief that will provide immediate humanitarian relief grants and trauma counselling to majority world churches. We humbly ask our Canadian family to join us in prayer, generous giving and promotion of this campaign.





Please consider making a donation via our Loaves & Fishes Campaign page

If you would prefer to send a cheque, please make it payable to HOPE worldwide Canada and send to: 325 Van Dusen Ave., Dundalk, Ontario, N0C 1B0 / Marked: Loaves & Fishes Campaign

Tirage de la Semaine nationale de l’action bénévole

Du 19 au 25 avril, c’est la Semaine nationale de l’action bénévole. C’est le moment de célébrer et de remercier tous nos vaillants bénévoles de partout au pays. En guise de reconnaissance, HOPE worldwide Canada, fait tirer dix humbles cadeaux souvenirs. Pour participer, remplissez le court formulaire ci-dessous et appuyez sur « Envoyer ». Le tirage aura lieu le 1er mai. Nous communiquerons avec les gagnants pour obtenir les renseignements nécessaires à la livraison de leur prix. Que vous gagniez ou non, sachez que tous vos efforts et votre temps sont grandement appréciés partout au Canada. Vous donnez vraiment de l’espoir et changez des vies autour de vous. 

Let’s Applaud Our Volunteers!

April 19th to 25th is designated as National Volunteer Week in Canada and it’s a week where we take time to celebrate and thank all the incredible volunteers that span our nation. To say thank you to our wonderful volunteers of HOPE worldwide Canada, we have some small tokens of appreciation for some of our volunteers. Simply watch our video and enter your name into our random draw for 1 of 10 small gifts. The winning volunteers will be contacted by May 1st for delivery information. Whether you win the draw or not, please know that your volunteer efforts are appreciated, recognized and are truly bringing hope and changing lives!

HOPE worldwide Canada volunteers on the front line

Mickey Antenor

HOPE worldwide Canada would like to thank all the health care workers in our country and beyond who are working in hospitals, retirement homes and other organizations to fight Covid 19.

We also have a number of nurses, personal support workers and other volunteers who work on the frontlines of this pandemic.

Meet Mickey Antenor,  who works as a nurse and is one of our HOPE worldwide Canada volunteers in Toronto.

She works at one of the first COVID 19 assessment clinics in Scarborough.

Here are her comments when she joined the Covid assessment centre just before it opened, “This will be very new. I will be one of the frontline health workers who will assess and care for these patients. I am not scared. God is with me. I knew when I said yes to this that this has been my calling in life. That’s why I am so happy to be part of HOPE worldwide Canada as well. I intend to see you guys when this virus ends. For now please pray for me so I can serve well and do my job with all my heart.”

Let’s be extra grateful for all our healthcare workers out there and support them in any way we can.

Meeting Needs in a Time of Physical Distancing

The impact COVID-19 has made on our world is unprecedented. Our entire nation is striving to stay indoors and maintain physical distance so as to ensure the safety of not only ourselves, but our neighbours as well. And while the pandemic has forced us all to stay at home, the call to serve our neighbours in need is as loud as ever.

HOPE worldwide Canada volunteers are answering the call by staying true to the mission of Jesus — transforming our world through love and support for our neighbours in need. As we have changed our programs in order to follow government and medical mandates, we have looked to other ways to meet needs in our communities.

HOPE worldwide Canada volunteers in Ontario are spending time while physically distancing making mats out of milk bags to be used by local shelters

Chapters across the country are providing critical volunteer support and community connection to food pantries, Child & Family Service agencies, shelters and other helping organizations. Volunteers are also creating neighbourhood collaborations to identify and help elderly and other vulnerable neighbours with day-to-day needs. Social media and online tools are other methods by which our volunteers are identifying needs they can address around their community.

The people, families and communities we love are in desperate need right now. HOPE worldwide Canada remains focused on prayer, as we know our God can do immeasurably more than we can imagine. We appreciate all the efforts and hard work of our volunteers and supporters as we all strive to overcome this crisis together. Thank you for your continued support!

The Power of Serving – Reflections from two volunteers with the Halifax chapter

The Power of Serving your community through volunteer work – a view from the Next Generation

For the past 18 years, volunteers from the Halifax Chapter of HOPE worldwide Canada and the Halifax-Dartmouth Church of Christ have been volunteering regularly at a local “Sunday Supper”. This is an opportunity for members of our community to come together and provide a warm meal and an even warmer smile for those in our community who may be experiencing homelessness or other challenges in their lives. Each week about 200 to 250 of our “Guests” will drop in for a meal and fellowship. Supporting the Sunday Supper program is the Signature local program of the Halifax Chapter of HOPE worldwide Canada.

We are grateful for all the volunteers who chip in to help make our support of this program possible. We had a chance to catch up with a couple of our Halifax volunteers, Jaylynn Skeete and Humberto Diaz to ask them about their experience serving with the Sunday Supper program and here is what they had to share:

First of all, thank you for volunteering with the Halifax Chapter, we could not do what we do without eager, dedicated volunteers like yourselves. What initially drew you to volunteer with HOPE worldwide Canada?

Halifax Chapter
Humberto Diaz

Humberto Diaz: “For the longest time I have always wanted to serve people and HOPE worldwide Canada provides opportunities for me to be able to do that”

Jaylynn Skeete: “Ever since I was young, my family has participated in HOPE worldwide Canada events, which I always enjoyed”

What is your favourite aspect of your time spent volunteering with us?

Humberto: “The chance to change the situation for those whom we are serving and the chance to change people’s lives”

Jaylynn: “Engaging with a wide variety of people from all ages and backgrounds and having the chance to hear their stories.”

Is there something you have learned or observed about the communities that we serve in that has helped you or had an impact on you in some way?

Humberto: “What has impacted me the most is that I get to live Jesus’ command to serve in Luke 14:13 “But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind,” (NIV)

Jaylynn Skeete

Jaylynn: “From serving in the community, I have observed many people facing immense trials and hardships in relation to poverty but have also seen them having joy. These individuals are enduring much more harsh trials than I have and many of them still manage to stand there smiling. This has helped me to have perspective regarding my own trials that may be far different than theirs. I can in some manner relate. If those facing much larger stressors and pain can continue to keep moving, they inspire me to do so as well. Individuals that I have talked to and connected with encourage me with their joy, love and strength during trials.”

Is there a motto or thought that motivates you to volunteer with  and can you share a bit more about that?

Humberto: “Serve God, Love People”

Jaylynn: “We love because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19 NIV). I am motivated to serve and to love others because Christ has loved me. I am amazed by his love and it encourages me to strive to show that love to others. Volunteering with HOPE worldwide Canada gives me the privilege to do so.”

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions. Is there anything else you would like to add, to end our time?

Humberto: “Let’s explore how we can reach others who are even more vulnerable, like people in jail”


HOPE worldwide Canada Volunteer At the Helm of One of Canada’s Best 100 Charities

At HOPE worldwide Canada, what stands out about our programs and events are the amazing volunteers we have serving across our nation. Whether in programs teaching life skills to youth aging out of foster care, assisting refugees in their transition to Canada or supporting those struggling with homelessness, our volunteers are known for how much they care and how much they work hard to meet needs.

One of those incredible volunteers is Clovis Grant, former Executive Director of HOPE worldwide Canada, current Vice-President of our Board and the Chief Executive Officer of 360Kids. Excitedly, 360Kids, whose mission is to help youth overcome crisis and transition to a state of safety and stability, was recently selected by Macleans Magazine as one of Canada’s BEST 100 Charities for 2020, and was included in the Top 10 of Canadian charities serving youth.

We recently caught up with Clovis to congratulate him and 360Kids on this recognition and to find out how he viewed his time as Executive Director of HOPE worldwide Canada (1994 to 2002) as instrumental to his successful leadership at 360Kids.

First of all, congratulations on the recognition of 360Kids as one of Canada’s Best Charities! That recognition speaks loudly of your organization’s work and use of funds. What drew you to work at 360Kids?

CG: Two main things. First, they had a very broad list of services they provided to young people. Second, there is within the organization an entrepreneurial spirit. It is not wedded to old ways of addressing issues…it looks for creative ways with new and different partners to come up with solutions to support young people who are homeless.

What is your favourite aspect of your work with 360Kids?

CG: What I really like in working at 360kids is that there are so many opportunities to be creative in the work. York Region is a growing municipality and with that comes opportunities for entrepreneurial organizations like 360kids to make a difference in the lives of even more young people.

What advice would you give to those who would like to work with or volunteer with at-risk youth?

CG: At-risk youth are first and foremost, youth…they have the same goals and aspirations as other young people. They want to work, they want to go back to school, they want good things for their lives. They need people who believe in them, who see their potential…not to be pitied but to be helped.

Is there something you learned in your tenure as Executive Director of HOPE worldwide Canada that you have carried with you throughout your career?

CG: Leadership is surrounding yourself with people who can take your idea and implement in amazing ways to accomplish amazing things because they believe in what you are doing. I have learned that people want to serve and do good. They just need outlets and avenues to do it and a leader to connect them to the needs. During my time with HOPE worldwide Canada, I had some of the best Chapter Directors you could find across the country, who took to heart the challenges to lead the work in their particular parts of Canada and they in turn inspired other volunteers which was at the heart of the successes we achieved. I have seen that throughout my career outside of my work with HOPE worldwide Canada. When staff feel that you, as a leader, care about them, they will rally behind you to implement your ideas and make them even more amazing than you originally conceived. Now as a CEO, I need those people even more…those who are trustworthy and want to make a difference and want a leader with a vision that they can rally behind.  

Is there a particular motto or thought that motivates you to continue to work at 360Kids and to volunteer for HOPE worldwide Canada?

CG: People who are at the margins of society, who are poor or are experiencing homelessness often have no voice in society. I want to be that voice for them. We need people who will bring that social conscience to our business leaders and our politicians. Without this, I believe society will become even more polarized with those who are rich become richer, as the saying goes and the poor will become poorer because of oppression. Organization like 360kids and HOPE worldwide Canada are important in helping to be a safety net to those who are pushed through the cracks in our social systems and the staff and volunteers can be amazing advocates for change…the voice that affected individuals need.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions. Is there anything else you would like to add, to end our time?

CG: The importance of the work of volunteers doing social good is often undervalued. It only takes a moment of reflection to think about the consequences for society if these organizations did not exist….many of us are only one accident away from becoming a client ourselves. Let’s do our best to support their work as best as we can. 

To learn more about 360Kids and their incredible work with at-risk youth, visit 360kids.ca and to read the Macleans article on the 2020 Best Canadian Charities: Top 100, please visit macleans.ca/society/canadas-best-charities-2020-top-100/.

Photo by Mike Barrett/Metroland Jan 14 2018

Winnipeg Maxes out the Holidays

On December 14th, our Winnipeg Chapter put on a fun-filled holiday party for the campers from our Max Out Summer! day camp. 35 volunteers served up pancakes and some heart- warming fun to 33 youth and their families to help max out the holidays!

Throughout the morning, the kids and their families enjoyed face-painting, getting their pictures taken in a snowman themed photo booth, creating reindeer gift bags and gifts for family members, as well as participating in a slew of holiday themed activities. The day ended with a door prize draw for board games packs, movie and Manitoba Moose tickets, as well as some nice Winnipeg Jets swag. The spirit of the season could also be seen as one of the young participants decided to donate his door prize back so that someone else could win and enjoy the gift.

It was wonderful to reconnect and continue to build on friendships that began with these kids in our Max Out Summer! day camp. Most of these kids have attended our free summer day camp for children involved with Winnipeg Child & Family Services for the past 2 summers. The day camp is part of our Winnipeg HOPE Volunteer Corps with the goal of teaching and mentoring youth in care to build life skills and friendships while having simple, good old fun. Volunteers, young and old, were inspired that many participants remembered their time at the day camp and the special connections they had made with volunteers they had met. It brought joy to see the hearts of the children be encouraged and excited.

Winnipeg volunteers look forward to continuing to build these relationships with more opportunities to meet up throughout the year. We would like to extend a huge thank you to True North Sports and Entertainment, Giant Tiger Store #446, Safeway Inc. and our many volunteers for helping to make this event so special for everyone.

An Interview with Teen Volunteer Oceane François-Saint-Cyr

Throughout the HOPE worldwide global community there are countless opportunities for volunteers to meet needs, whether it is for those in their own local community or across the globe in a majority nation. There are also several programs run by HOPE worldwide that many of our HOPE worldwide Canada young volunteers can get involved in to make a difference and grow in their leadership skills. One such program is the National Youth Advisory Council (NYAC). NYAC is for North American high school and post-secondary students who are trained to provide vision and creative solutions as servant leaders through meaningful, ongoing, relationship-oriented service to the materially poor and those in need. Council members aim to capture and share the heart of Jesus, journeying with orphaned, hungry, materially poor, elderly, sick, disaster-struck and broken-hearted people.

Oceane François-Saint-Cyr from our Montreal Chapter, age 16, has just this year been accepted into the NYAC program. We are excited for her and what she will learn in this year of training and meeting needs. We wanted to get to know her better and asked her some questions to see what drives her as a volunteer.

Where does your passion to serve come from?

Firstly, from a young age, I had the opportunity to participate in various HOPE worldwide activities with my parents and I was made aware of various needs in the community. Through those activities, I was also able to see how the gift of our time and our energy can have a real and tangible impact on those that we serve. As I grew older, I learnt that I am passionate about connecting with people, and that serving gives me a great opportunity to do so.

Finally, service has shown me that I am very blessed in my living condition. God has showered me with blessings and given me opportunities to give to those who are less fortunate, through service.

What has been your favourite service project?

It was definitely a trip that I took with my family to Indonesia in 2013, to help serve a community that was in need. Prior to the trip, my family and I collected some school supplies, soccer supplies and some medicine to deliver to a group of underprivileged children who were living in the slums of Jakarta. Not only was their neighbourhood flooded by the seasonal monsoon, but a couple weeks before our visit, they had suffered another disaster in the form of a fire. We were able to work in collaboration with the Jakarta HOPE worldwide chapter that was already involved in the situation. I was utterly amazed by the joy that these kids had, whilst living a life that seemed to be falling apart, simply to spend time with us and receive the little that we had to offer. It was very touching to see how something so very small, like a soccer ball, a notebook or a new backpack can bring someone so much joy. Moreover, it helped me understand that giving back to your community or helping someone in need doesn’t have to be something that costs thousands of dollars or requires hundreds of people to volunteer, it can be something as simple as a shared meal, a new shirt or a simple act of service.

Why did you join NYAC?

I decided to join NYAC because I knew that the program was designed to train students like me to be effective leaders and a servants in their local communities. I was also inspired by some of my friends who had participated on NYAC in previous years who had shared just how much this program helped them grow and learn tangible skills to be a leader wherever they are.

Why did you choose NYAC as a way to serve?

What I love about NYAC as opposed to any other program is that it is focused on helping the participants impact the people in need in their local communities. By focusing on my community, it provides a way to not only have a momentary impact to help those in need, but a sustainable one. It is much easier to get the involvement of public or private partners when the results are tangible and visible. Furthermore, I love the fact that NYAC is a year-long program, because it provides a helpful environment and the support needed for students who have a desire to serve, so that they can plan long term projects that will be more effective than small, personal, short term projects.

Who is your role model?I look up to GSIs (Global Service Interns) who run HOPE Volunteer Corps sites as role models. I am constantly amazed and inspired by all the hard work and effort they put into organizing and putting into motion a Hope Youth Corps or a Hope Volunteer Corps. It takes so much planning and determination and a true heart to serve to accomplish leading not only one but several different programs.

We are excited to see how much Oceane will learn and put into practise this year and encourage all who are in Montreal to serve alongside Oceane and the Montreal Chapter.