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HOPE in Action Launch Party

UPDATE April 9, 2021: The launch party for our HOPE in Action / HOPE en Action fundraiser set for June 19th has concluded. Check the link below to watch a recording of the party that went through all the fundraiser details! And if you want to sign up to join the fundraiser, you can do so at

On Thursday April 8th at 5:30 PST / 8:30 EST we will be holding an online party to launch our new HOPE In Action Fundraiser. We are excited to have volunteers and supporters of HOPE worldwide Canada get active in order to raise funds to meet needs in their local communities.

We invite all volunteers and supporters to come out to hear about how the Fundraiser will function, get some fundraising tips, as well as enjoy some good music and learn more about our early bird registration prizes.

Click below to join the party!