HOPE worldwide Canada

HOPE worldwide Canada volunteers on the front line

Mickey Antenor

HOPE worldwide Canada would like to thank all the health care workers in our country and beyond who are working in hospitals, retirement homes and other organizations to fight Covid 19.

We also have a number of nurses, personal support workers and other volunteers who work on the frontlines of this pandemic.

Meet Mickey Antenor,  who works as a nurse and is one of our HOPE worldwide Canada volunteers in Toronto.

She works at one of the first COVID 19 assessment clinics in Scarborough.

Here are her comments when she joined the Covid assessment centre just before it opened, “This will be very new. I will be one of the frontline health workers who will assess and care for these patients. I am not scared. God is with me. I knew when I said yes to this that this has been my calling in life. That’s why I am so happy to be part of HOPE worldwide Canada as well. I intend to see you guys when this virus ends. For now please pray for me so I can serve well and do my job with all my heart.”

Let’s be extra grateful for all our healthcare workers out there and support them in any way we can.