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Edmonton Kicks Off Heat and Eat Pilot Project

“Heat and Eat” is a pilot project begun by the Mustard Seed with the financial and volunteer support of HOPE worldwide Canada’s Edmonton Chapter.

The goal of the program is to solve food security issues for those participating in a program to overcome drug addictions, mental health and homelessness run by the Mustard Seed.  Similar to “Meals on Wheels” the residents pay a small fee to receive two meals a day for two weeks (Lunch and Supper).  The meals are prepared by volunteers and delivered to the resident’s homes to be frozen for future use. The program supports and houses 20 residents, but not all will subscribe. However, the goal is to start with cooking for 5 residents with 28 meals for one person, which equals in total 140 meals in total.

Our Edmonton chapter had a blast preparing the very first meals for this program and will continue to support it as it gets off the ground. We are waiting in anticipation to hear feedback from the residents on how they liked all the meals and if they will continue to subscribe to the service in the future.