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HOPE in Action Launch Party

UPDATE April 9, 2021: The launch party for our HOPE in Action / HOPE en Action fundraiser set for June 19th has concluded. Check the link below to watch a recording of the party that went through all the fundraiser details! And if you want to sign up to join the fundraiser, you can do so at https://fundrazr.com/hopeinaction

On Thursday April 8th at 5:30 PST / 8:30 EST we will be holding an online party to launch our new HOPE In Action Fundraiser. We are excited to have volunteers and supporters of HOPE worldwide Canada get active in order to raise funds to meet needs in their local communities.

We invite all volunteers and supporters to come out to hear about how the Fundraiser will function, get some fundraising tips, as well as enjoy some good music and learn more about our early bird registration prizes.

Click below to join the party!

Christmas 2020 in Edmonton

On December 15th, the Edmonton Chapter delivered a giant card and treats to the Seniors at Rosslyn Place Lodge. They were able to wish them a Merry Christmas and share memories from past years when volunteers had previously gone and done caroling for the residents. Recreational Coordinator Teri Kennedy-Flynn was very grateful and said she loved the gifts. She also expressed that they were excited to hand out the treats to the residents.

On December 19th Edmonton volunteers had the opportunity to deliver 8 Holiday Hampers that had been prepared by various volunteer groups throughout the week.  The hampers provide for 8 families that consisted of 15 adults and 30 children. 

Each December the Edmonton chapters teams up with JCI and their Holiday Hamper program to supply food and gift hampers to almost a 1000 families in the Edmonton area that would otherwise go without.  After registering each hamper, JCI then provides a turkey, fresh vegetables, from Kuhlmann’s Greenhouse Garden Market, and a roasting pan to be delivered along with the hamper.  It is so encouraging  to see so  many people give of their time and resources to provide for others and bring a little Christmas cheer into the homes of the less fortunate.  One of our volunteers shared a response they got from a family. 

“Thank you so much. I was not expecting this much food! Lots of our favourites in here. Really appreciate this. I have never had so much given to me before, this really hits me in the heart.  Thanks again.”

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing and feeling the impact of giving to others. Both of these events have blessed us with the privilege of giving. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Donation Drive in Toronto Brings Happiness to Families

Our Toronto chapters recently held a Christmas charity drive to collect gift cards, toys, hygiene products and clothing for low income families in Toronto. We are grateful for the support and generous donations from the congregation at Milestones Christian Churches.

It was highly successful, with over $1000 in gift cards collected, hundreds of top quality toys, over 100 toiletry/ hygiene items, women’s clothing and 9 big boxes of granola bars, 500 in total.

All the items were donated to The Second Chance Foundation, an organisation that serves over 200 low income persons daily, mostly women facing severe challenges. Many of their clients are women integrating into society after incarceration.

Bev Dwyer, the founder and CEO of the Centre and her team were grateful for the donation and mentioned that they would add significantly to their annual Santa Claus gift distribution.

The centre serves many people living in extreme poverty, and the Toronto chapter will continue to find ways to support them and periodically send them non-perishable food items.

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to help with the collection, packing and delivery of the donations safely and quickly.

Philippines Disaster Response

Typhoons and Earthquakes are unfortunately some of the natural disasters that often befall the Philippines. HOPE worldwide Canada volunteers and donors are always at the ready, eager to send support whenever the Philippine people are in need.

As such, we’ve developed a Philippines Disaster Relief fund in order to provide support when it is needed. Please consider making a donation in preparation for the needs that may arise. All donations $20 and above to HOPE worldwide Canada are issued tax receipts .

For more information regarding Philippines programs that HOPE worldwide Canada supports, please contact john.abet@hopewwcanada.org.

Throwback – McNabb Arena Respite, Shower Program in Ottawa

Summer is gone. However, there are many great stories that are timeless and worth repeating. In this article, we look back at an event held by our volunteer in Ottawa.

During the summer our chapter in Ottawa participated in the Centretown Community Health Centre and the McNabb Arena Respite – Shower program with great success. This is the only program in Ottawaʼs business core helping the homeless meet basic hygiene needs.

In a short period of time the volunteers, with the participation of the Ottawa Church of Christ and other donors were able to collect about 20 full bags of gently used clothing and approx. 100 pairs of socks and 50 pairs of underwear. Staff at McNabb were overjoyed to accept their donations, as the were running out of supplies. Their efforts are to be commended.
The donors eagerly duplicated their support in July when McNabb reached out to the Ottawa chapter to fullfil their needs.

We are proud of the partnerships that we have built with local community organisations and sponsors, and our dedicated volunteers across Canada.

Autumn Blood Drives Across Canada

HOPE worldwide Canada has joined the movement to give life through the Canadian Blood Services #PartnersforLife program. We have decided that as a charity we will make an impact in our nation by regularly donating blood, plasma, platelets or stem cells.

Throughout the Autumn months, our chapters are partnering with Canadian Blood Services to host blood drives in our Canadian cities. Did you know that one single blood donation can save up to 3 lives?! We invite all our volunteers, partners and friends to join in as we donate to make a life saving difference to those in need.

Winnipeg kicked off the blood drive season on September 26th while Halifax and Vancouver have announced their Blood Drives in October and other chapters are currently making plans to join in. We are excited to begin the first of many blood drives planned for the coming years.

Each Chapter has a Partner for Life (PFL) organization number to use when when booking donations online. If interested in joining in on a local blood drive, or you want to know your Chapter PFL #, contact your local Chapter Director or email communications@hopewwcanada.org for assistance.

Giving A helping hand in Toronto

Our Toronto Chapter has recently rolled out a care program to help members of their community experiencing homelessness.

Volunteers from the chapter gave out personal care packages on Sunday at Allan Gardens in downtown Toronto. Each package had a selection of essential personal hygiene products, safely packed and sanitized.

Thank you to all the supporters who donated items and the volunteers who came out to serve while practising strict social distancing habits.


If you wish to donate personal hygiene products for the next distribution in a few week’s time, please call (647) 328 2192 or email drphil.osagie@hopewwcanada.org. Items that are desperately needed include toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand/body lotion, soap, face towel, shampoo, and face masks.Thank you in advance!

Building Partnerships with Local Organizations to Meet Needs

To increase our impact in the local community and beyond, Winnipeg’s Chapter of HOPE worldwide Canada is making a point to partner with local organizations. Thanks to Diane Nickel, a teacher at Leila North Community School and a HOPE worldwide Canada volunteer, we have joined forces with the staff at her school to provide hampers for a Manitobans in need.

For over 25 years, Leila North Community School has been providing hampers for Indigenous children with life-threatening illnesses and their families, some of whom attend school at Leila North. These families have made the difficult decision to leave their homes in northern communities in order to seek ongoing medical care for their children at Health Sciences Centre.

“The division provides a hamper, we top up that hamper with additional staple items and the items Diane collects (from the Winnipeg Chapter volunteers).  In addition we provide a hot meal through the work of our staff…The hot meal lets the families know we are thinking of them and miss them” says Melissa Delaronde, Principal of Leila North Community School. The staff also makes an effort to ensure there are fresh fruits and vegetables in each hamper.

“Providing a hamper alleviates the financial burden and the worry of having to go get groceries, especially during this isolation time” says Diane, who works directly with some of these children. “When a student comes to you and says ‘This is the first meal I’ve had in days.’ it touches your heart… If I can ease some of that burden for just one kid, one family, I know that child will forever be grateful.”

Diane Nickel sorting through hamper supplies

Over the month of April, Leila North Community School provided 80 hampers for these families, 1/3 of which were donated by HOPE worldwide Canada volunteers.

“Being a volunteer for HOPE worldwide Canada for many years, I knew this was a program they could get behind” says Diane, who has been an active volunteer for 15 years. “I love being a HOPE worldwide Canada volunteer because I love seeing the smiles on people’s faces and just chatting with a child who is not listened to every day. I also think it’s important to give back to the world that God has blessed us with” she adds.

We will continue to work alongside Leila North Community School to provide hampers, and once this pandemic is over, we look forward to seeing how we can help this community in new ways. Thank you to Diane and the staff at Leila North Community School for allowing us to be a part of your vision to bring hope and change lives!

Halifax volunteers serving from a distance


These are unprecedented times we are going through. How we have traditionally served and helped those going through challenging seasons in their lives has changed as well, as we continue to serve and “love our neighbours” while practicing safe physical distancing. Volunteers in Halifax have found several ways to do this and have been busy serving the community while keeping safe!

The Halifax Chapter of HOPE worldwide Canada is incredibly grateful for its many dedicated volunteers and generous donors!

With their assistance, since the COVID-19 virus broke, we have been able to (safely and with proper social distancing protocols in place) help our local community during these times by:

  • Collecting and donating Hand Sanitizer and Grocery Store gift cards to the “Adsum House” for women and children
  • Donating blankets to a local Emergency Pop-Up Shelter
  • Dropping off Tooth Paste & Toothbrushes, and Shaving Cream & Razors that were collected to the “Out of the Cold” Shelter
  • Making non-medical face masks at home and distributing them to those in our community who can use them
  • Purchasing, collecting, and donating Alcohol Sanitizer and Hand Soap for the local “Sunday Supper” program  

We believe that together, we can all get through this! Stay tuned for more ways in which you can help us help others as we are “Bringing hope, Changing lives.”

If you have any more suggestion on how our volunteers can serve our neighbours in need or if you would like to get involved with our Halifax Chapter, please contact marieelle.charlemagne@hopewwcanada.org or sanjay.thompson@hopewwcanada.org.

Let’s Applaud Our Volunteers!

April 19th to 25th is designated as National Volunteer Week in Canada and it’s a week where we take time to celebrate and thank all the incredible volunteers that span our nation. To say thank you to our wonderful volunteers of HOPE worldwide Canada, we have some small tokens of appreciation for some of our volunteers. Simply watch our video and enter your name into our random draw for 1 of 10 small gifts. The winning volunteers will be contacted by May 1st for delivery information. Whether you win the draw or not, please know that your volunteer efforts are appreciated, recognized and are truly bringing hope and changing lives!