HOPE worldwide Canada

About Us

Who we are

We are a registered non-profit charity with chapters spanning the country from coast to coast. Our grass-roots work began in 1993 with one program and has now grown to serve thousands of poor and needy individuals in Canada’s major urban centres.

We are affiliated with HOPE worldwide, a non-profit charity, headquartered in San Diego. We share HOPE worldwide’s mission, which is as simple as its name: Bringing Hope, Changing Lives

Our Mission

To develop innovative programs and events that engage volunteers and communities to meet the needs of the poor and needy, bringing hope and changing lives.

Our Mandate

HOPE worldwide Canada has a dual mandate:

Spiritual:  To act as the partner by which the International Churches of Christ may engage in benevolent activities to serve the poor
Secular:  To serve as a non-profit organization providing services to help the poor and needy in our communities

Our Work

The focus of our work is in the following areas;

  1. Care for the impoverished and the aged
  2. Medical facilities for the sick
  3. Food and shelter for the homeless
  4. Education and training for the unskilled
  5. Care for widows and orphans
  6. Assistance for persons in prison
  7. Advice and consultation for the needy
  8. Relief for victims of famine and disaster

Charity Information

Legal Name    HOPE worldwide Canada
BN  888159860RR0001
Address HOPE worldwide Canada
325 Van Dusen Avenue
Dundalk, ON
N0C 1B0
Contact us    communications@hopewwcanada.org

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