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We are hiring! Research Intern wanted in Toronto

Vacancy: Research Intern  


HOPE worldwide Canada is currently looking for a talented individual to join its Helping Hand project team. This is an exciting opportunity to research bringing trauma therapy to children of war refugees in Canada; outreach to health professionals and affected community groups.

Duties and responsibilities
• Research and collects data through library research, structured interviews or other project specific methodology.
• Interprets, synthesizes and analyzes data.
• Schedules, organizes and reports on status of research activities.
• Writes and edits materials for presentation.
• Meets with HOPE worldwide Canada supervisor on a regular basis to provide updates and assess information collected.
• Manage and work with internal and external partners.
• Performs other related duties as required.

Skills/Talents Required
• Excellent verbal, writing and presentation skills.
• Strong writing and editing skills.
• Understand and be fluent in the use of relevant software applications, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
• The ability to multitask and set priorities, manage time efficiently.
• Demonstrate strong teamwork skills.
• Background and experience in conducting research is an advantage.
• University or college students with interest in humanitarian relief, trauma therapy, and helping others are encouraged to apply.

Required Commitment: A maximum of 30 hours a week for 8 weeks.  Remuneration: minimum wage

Apply by June 20 to

What is the goal of the Helping Hand project?
The goal of the project is to provide psychological assistance to indigenous children and children of refugees in the GTA with PTSD or war trauma, as applicable, and their parents through training psychologists, social workers and volunteers to work with traumatized children using the “Children and War: Teaching Recovery Techniques” program and conducting therapy sessions for children and parents.

The Project in Canada will implement innovative methodology fine-tuned in Ukraine of working with children, traumatized by armed conflicts (“Children and War. Teaching Recovery Techniques”) and will train local professionals (social workers, emergency service workers, practicing psychologists and psychotherapists, volunteers), particularly those that work with children in indigenous and refugee communities, to use the techniques in their daily work.

The project aims to empower children from indigenous communities in Canada or war conflict zones outside of Canada with skills and capacities to deal with their traumatic experience in Canada using the techniques of psychological self-assistance, relaxation and recovery techniques.

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