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Our People

HOPE worldwide Canada programs and services are led and driven by our dedicated volunteers from across the country, from coast to coast. Nationally, HOPE worldwide Canada is governed by a Board of Directors, aided by two interim Country Directors, to whom Chapter Directors from local communities report.

Board of Directors

Neville Yee – President
Anne Du Sault
Clovis Grant – Vice President
Gary Lalacz
Maxine McKoy – Secretary
Kimberlee Potter – Co-Country Director
Greg Taylor – Co-Country Director

Chapter Directors

Glen Sullivan, Vancouver Chapter
Hilaire Marks, Edmonton Chapter
Cicely Patrick, Calgary Chapter
Krista Wiebe, Winnipeg Chapter
Delaine Yee,Toronto West Chapter
Phil Osagie, Toronto Central Chapter
Carolyn Hou, Toronto East Chapter
Michelle Baptista, Ottawa Chapter
Anne Du Sault & Kossi Efu, Montreal Chapter
Greg Taylor, Halifax Chapter